Force Science Camera Course

NEW! Special Training on Today’s Hottest Policing Topic

Body Cameras & Other Recordings in Law Enforcement

Critical Force Science® Issues Impacting Investigations, Policy, and Incident Analysis

The Force Science® Institute is proud to announce this crucial NEW TWO-DAY COURSE launched in response to the rapidly increasing focus and reliance on video footage and other recordings of law enforcement-involved encounters. It will help you:


• Enhance the fairness and thoroughness of investigations

• Create and analyze Body Cam protocols and policies

• Minimize liability risks

• Shape the training of your officers

• Enhance public perception and understanding of force encounters

• Avoid the spread of misinformation and misunderstanding

• Bolster your ability to enlighten your community and civilian review groups




April 26-27, 2017 in Scottsdale, AZ

May 23-24, 2017 in San Diego, CA




Course hours:

8:30AM – 5PM Central





Taught by a team of leading experts in human factors, camera & recording technology, media relations and law, hand-selected by Dr. Bill Lewinski and the Force Science® Institute. The program will include in-depth exploration of timely topics, including:


• The strengths and limitations of body cameras and other recording devices that need to be understood and considered during investigations.


• Human memory vs. electronic recording: Why the two may differ dramatically and the implications of that reality during force investigations.


• Understanding and explaining why what a camera sees may not be what an officer sees during a high-stress, rapidly unfolding force encounter.


• The impact of lighting, camera angle, and frame rate on recordings of fast-moving events.


• Recommendations and timing considerations related to whether officers should view video of their encounters before submitting to formal interviews.


• Technology and techniques that can help agencies “flesh out” two-dimensional video footage in an effort to present the most realistic picture of an officer’s sensory experience during a high-stress, rapidly unfolding force encounter.


• Don’t just push play: Tips for appropriately presenting and positioning footage of a filmed force encounter in a manner that helps maximize understanding of the realities of human performance.


• Professional media relations guidance on best practices for handling seemingly controversial but potentially misunderstood footage.


• Real-world advice on how best to mitigate chaos in communities following a high-profile force encounter.


• Body cameras, video/audio recording and the law.


• and much more!


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