The Force Science® Institute will hold its first Association of Force Science® Conference October 24th – 25th at our Chicago training center. The conference will provide continuing education and networking opportunities for Force Science® graduates and those interested in learning more about behavioral science and human performance in law enforcement. The latest Force Science® findings will be revealed. Attendees will hear how experienced law enforcement practitioners and researchers are applying Force Science® to investigations, court proceedings, practice, and training. Conference registration includes Association membership. Pre- and post-conference trainings will be offered October 23rd and 26th.


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Call for Presentations

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Conference Schedule

Day 1: Pre-Conference Training: Body Cameras & Other Recordings in Law Enforcement

(8 AM – 5 PM, October 23rd, 2018)


• The strengths and limitations of body cameras and other recording devices that need to be understood and considered during investigations.


• Human memory vs. electronic recording: Why the two may differ dramatically and the implications of that reality during force investigations.


• Understanding and explaining why what a camera sees may not be what an officer sees during a high-stress, rapidly unfolding force encounter.


• The impact of lighting, camera angle, and frame rate on recordings of fast moving events.


• Recommendations and timing considerations related to whether officers should view video of their encounters before submitting to formal interviews.


• Technology and techniques that can help agencies “flesh out” two-dimensional video footage in an effort to present the most realistic picture of an officer’s sensory experience during a high-stress, rapidly unfolding force encounter.


• Don’t just push play: Tips for appropriately presenting and positioning footage of a filmed force encounter in a manner that helps maximize understanding of the realities of human performance.




Days 2-3: Association of Force Science® Conference

(8 AM – 4:30 PM, October 24th -25th, 2018)


• Application of behavioral science to case conceptualization and analysis.


• Case preparation and cross examination: how to successfully bring science to the courtroom and navigate attacks against scientific principles.


• Implications of the newest Force Science® research findings on exertion, shooting dynamics, memory, perceptions vs. realities of policing, training, & unintentional discharges.


• The latest research on officer stress, decision-making, and performance from Advanced Force Science® Specialists.


• How to introduce and apply human factors and behavioral science at your agency.


• Hear from Director, Dr. William Lewinski, about the application of Force Science® to legal proceedings, investigations, practice, and training.


• Network with Force Science® Use-of-Force Analysts and Advanced Specialists.




Day 4: Post-Conference Training: Principles of Training, Learning, and Performance

(8 AM – 5 PM, October 26th, 2018)


• Practice makes permanent: Dispelling common myths of learning.


• How to assess and track objective changes in performance.


• Training under the optimal conditions: How exercise, memory, and sleep can impact learning and performance.


• Adapting to the digital age: Using effective teaching technologies.


• The latest Force Science® findings on effective training methods that result in skill long-term retention and how to incorporate them into a training program.


• He gave him the gun back? Training scars and how to avoid them.


• Making a difference: Becoming a positive behavior change agent at your agency.



Special Conference Events

October 23rd: Advanced Force Science® Specialist Meeting & Reception (6-7:30 PM)

October 24th: Evening Social Reception for all Attendees (5-6:30 PM)

October 25th: Conference Awards Ceremony (4:30 – 5:00 PM)

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Association of Force Science Conference
Association of Force Science Conference
Association of Force Science Conference
Association of Force Science Conference
Association of Force Science Conference