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Bringing reality to de-escalation training!

We’re moving this hot-button topic decisively beyond impractical academic theories spun from idealized situations. Instead, “Realistic De-escalation,” a fresh, new course offered exclusively by the Force Science® Institute, is anchored in thoroughly researched and tested principles of human performance in real-world encounters. Registrations are being taken NOW.


Course dates:


September 7-8, 2017


November 7-8, 2017


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In this timely two-day program, you’ll learn what it really takes to accurately assess potentially violent confrontations and, when feasible, defuse them with easy-to-grasp, successfully applied tactics to avoid use-of-force crises.


This unique content is expertly designed under the direction of Dr. Bill Lewinski to be smoothly integrated into an agency’s training be actively engaged during tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving field encounters...and then to be brought to bear in critical investigations of both force and non-force events, as well as in media and citizen education.


Given today’s pervasive, emotionally charged atmosphere, Force Science’s practical “Realistic De-escalation” training is invaluable for virtually all law enforcement professionals, from street officers, trainers, PIOs, and supervisors to investigators, administrators, and attorneys.


“The goal of the course,” says Dr. Lewinski, “is to strengthen the ability of officers to employ de-escalation techniques whenever possible and to deepen the knowledge of force investigators and reviewers regarding the often-misunderstood dynamics involved—all with the help of relevant proven science.


“A critical grasp and mastery of certain fundamental human performance factors can have a surprisingly powerful influence in resolving and judging even the most challenging confrontations.”


Among the many valuable benefits of the “Realistic De-escalation” course, students will learn how to:


• Avoid dangerous “de-escalation myths” that can jeopardize both officers and subjects…as well as entire agencies and communities;


• Quickly evaluate any interaction to determine whether de-escalation efforts are reasonable to consider, tactically practical, and likely to be successful;


• Use such critical Force Science® concepts as the “Response-ability Zone” and the “7 T’s De-escalation Evaluation Model” to evaluate options at a scene or during investigations;


• Improve your ability to safely and effectively navigate challenging encounters with mentally ill subjects;


• Dramatically enhance de-escalation efforts by strategically combining human performance research findings, observations of subject behavior, and the right psychological techniques for negotiation and influence;


• Employ specialized questions specifically designed to cognitively engage individuals in crisis and increase the likelihood of a non-forceful resolution;


• Better ensure that officers’ approach and control strategies maximize their response options while minimizing the potential for unnecessary emotional and/or physical escalation;


• Balance the desirability of trying to resolve a conflict peacefully with the need to maintain officer and citizen safety;


• Employ proven techniques to overcome resistance and avoid or defuse physical confrontations;


• Increase the breadth and effectiveness of in-house de-escalation training programs;


• Assist investigators and others reviewing uses of force to recognize the pivotal situational and behavioral factors that must be considered when assessing whether de-escalation efforts might have been feasible and potentially effective;


• Help community members and the media better understand what realistic de-escalation entails and the challenges that subjects may present that can inhibit, if not prohibit, an officer’s ability to safely de-escalate.





Tuition:  $495 per student


Course dates:  August 3-4, 2017           (Valencia College CJ Institute, Orlando, FL)

                          September 7-8, 2017      (Force Science Training Center, Chicago, IL)

                          November 7-8, 2017      (Force Science Training Center, Chicago, IL)


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