Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Force Science"?


It’s the research and application of unbiased scientific principles and processes to determine the true nature of human behavior in high stress and deadly force encounters. Force Science's groundbreaking, reproducible studies address real problems encountered by officers on the street and are meticulously documented.


What is the Force Science Institute?


The Force Science Institute is the umbrella organization under which three Force Science divisions function; the Force Science Research Center, the Force Science consultation division and the Force Science training division.


The Force Science Research Center is dedicated to scientifically determining and fully understanding the true physical and psychological dynamics of force encounters by conducting groundbreaking research into officer and suspect behaviors during rapidly unfolding, high-stress confrontations.


The Force Science Consultation Division provides expert support that will help attorneys, judges, jurors, review board members, investigators and others responsible for determining the appropriateness of officers’ behavior during force encounters to better understand the scientific realities surrounding these events as revealed by Force Science studies.


The Force Science Training Division makes training available that will educate administrators, trainers, investigators, attorneys, officers and other legal professionals on Force Science findings and will help facilitate the application of Force Science concepts during their investigations, training and work in the field.

What subjects has Force Science investigated?


The list constantly grows as funding becomes available to explore new topics. Researchers have already destroyed myths and discovered cold facts about some of the most controversial force issues, including:


 • How threatening suspects can end up shot in the back by well-trained officers making valid, lawful shooting decisions.


 • Why officers continue to fire “extra” rounds in high-adrenalin confrontations, even after the threat has ended.


 • What popular tactics used by some officers trying to reduce lag time actually put the officers at greater risk.


 • The effect of weapon manipulation on spent shell casing ejection.


 • Perception, attention and memory in rapidly unfolding high stress encounters.


And many others...

How can Force Science help you?


In addition to being a subscriber to the Force Science News newsletter which will help you stay up-to-date with our practical, cutting-edge research, Force Science’s scientific research can help with complex I.A. investigations, grand jury hearings, civil suits, criminal cases, department use-of-force audits, training scenarios and other challenging situations where professional insights based on FSI research projects are needed.

Who can benefit from the offerings of the Force Science Institute?


Resources offered by FSI are essential if you are: a law enforcement trainer, administrator or line officer, use-of-force investigator, PIO or police union rep., judge, prosecutor or police attorney in criminal cases, civil suits or administrative hearings, medical examiner or coroner, or other professional involved in force matters.

How can I get a Force Science training class conducted in my area?


Force Science training classes are available for agencies to purchase. Generally, our two-day program is recommended, but in instances where that is not possible, we do offer a one-day option. There are no restrictions relative to more than one agency working together to purchase and fill a Force Science class. In fact, many agencies work in tandem to bring the program to their area. For details on pricing and the program, visit the Training Information page.


Is there a charge for Force Science News subscriptions?


No. Force Science News, which is sent twice per month via e-mail, is provided completely free of charge. We strongly suggest that anyone interested in keeping up to date on Force Science developments, use-of-force cases with important legal implications and other force issues subscribes. Should you choose to discontinue your subscription at any time, we will remove your e-mail address immediately upon request. Visit the Force Science News page.

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