Force Science News #279:

Congratulations, Sgt. Craig Allen, 2015 Trainer of the Year

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I. Sgt. Craig Allen, Hillsboro (OR) PD, named Law Officer Trainer of the Year

II. Inaugural Certification Course at new Force Science Training Center a success


I. Congratulations, Sgt. Craig Allen, 2015 Trainer of the Year


Sgt. Craig Allen with the Hillsboro (OR) Police Department, a long time friend, supporter and research and training partner as well as a Certified Force Science Analyst and Advanced Force Science Specialist, has just been named the 2015 Law Officer Trainer of the Year. The announcement was made this morning (4/20) before a standing room only crowd at the ILEETA Conference kick-off. In his acceptance speech, Craig shared his vision of police trainers as "teachers and encouragers to the people who need it the most."


"We couldn't agree more with Craig's observation and with the decision to name him Trainer of the Year," said Dr. Bill Lewinski, Executive Director of the Force Science Institute. "His deep passion for training and research and his tireless dedication to helping enlighten and support officers, not just in his department but worldwide, is extraordinary. This is an honor very well deserved!"


On behalf of all your friends at Force Science, BRAVO, CRAIG!


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II. Inaugural Certification Course at new Force Science Training Center a success


We are excited to announce that the first Force Science Certification Course to be conducted at the new Force Science Training Center was a hands-down success. This inaugural class consisted of 124 students who proudly represented 58 agencies in 17 states and Australia, Switzerland and Canada. We were honored to welcome this engaged and enthusiastic group as the first of many to train at the FS Center. Well done to all!


It is also a great privilege to announce that the main classroom in the Force Science Training Center has been officially dedicated to Charles Remsberg, a loyal friend, tireless mentor and a living legend in law enforcement training. The dedication was made by Dr. Bill Lewinski at the start of class.


"The very fact that Force Science exists can be directly attributed to the work of Chuck Remsberg. His decades of dedication to surfacing and sharing the kind of critical information that keeps officers safe physically, legally, emotionally and professionally is a core motivation for what we do at the Force Science Institute. Chuck's gold-standard approach to training is also the foundation for our training classes and one of the reasons for their success. His value to Force Science and to the entire law enforcement community is truly immeasurable."


Special thanks to Des Plaines (IL) PD Chief Bill Kushner for warmly welcoming the students at the start of class, to Deputy Chief Tom Fleming and his fellow classmates from Cook County (IL) Sheriff's Police and Commander Steve Georgas with Chicago PD for the extraordinary hospitality they showed visiting students and to Jeff Fiorito and the entire staff at the Hilton Garden Inn for providing great accommodations and prompt shuttle service for our students throughout the week. We would also like to thank all our neighboring agencies throughout the Chicago area for the tremendous support and hospitality they show us and visiting students from around the globe.


We are proud to say all systems are now officially a GO at the new Force Science Training Center!


The next two Force Science Certification Courses to be conducted at the Center will be held September 14-18 and November 2-6. Click here for the full schedule and registration information or visit

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