Lewinski Lecture Announced

Standing at the Intersection of The Thin Blue Line & The Red Cross


A critical look at the abilities, responsibilities & application of immediate

on-scene medical care by law enforcement



Dr. Matthew Sztajnkrycer an internationally recognized trauma physician, tactical medicine expert and law enforcement trainer from Mayo Clinic, will explore the complex topic of on-scene medical response following a major use of force, such as an officer-involved shooting. Among other things, Dr. Sztajnkrycer will discuss the evolution of trauma treatment in the field from a service provided only by EMS personnel to a responsibility of law enforcement officers standing by for EMS arrival. Dr. Sztajnkrycer will also explore a variety of challenges that can impede the provision of critical care and crucial training issues that can have a dramatic impact on both the learning and retention process as well as officers’ performance on the street.


November 21, 2017

9AM - Noon

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Ostrander Auditorium, Centennial Student Union



P.O.S.T Credits: 3 Post Credits (Free) for Minnesota officers


Luncheon: There will be limited seating for a complementary luncheon following the lecture. To reserve seating contact Dr. Colleen Clarke at colleen.clarke@mnsu.edu



Parking: Parking in the pay lot (Intersection of Ellis Ave & S Road)

                 Parking vouchers will be given to those in attendance



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