The use of deadly force by law enforcement officers is one of the most controversial and socially disruptive issues embroiling modern law enforcement. The intent of the research division is to pioneer approaches to thoroughly dissect the dynamics of these encounters and illuminate the shadowy and often mystifying circumstances that so often surround them. This unique center focuses on and researches many heretofore unaddressed questions to help shed light on the varied aspects of extreme encounters. The undertakings of the FSRC will have profound legal, moral and social implications.


Lethal force encounters are often very brief, violent, and deadly. They demand the utmost from a peace officer in training, response and performance.


Administrators, courts, media and a public who will weigh an officer’s decisions and actions in these situations, sometimes long after the dust has settled, will often base their judgments on romantic notions of right and wrong or on rigorous legal standards that have little foundation in the realm of human behavior or in the science of performance under stress.


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