We’re excited to bring world-renowned speakers to the Force Science Training Center in Chicago for our 2018 Fall Speakers Series. This three-part series will feature FBI Behavioral Scientist and Researcher, Dr. Tony Pinizzotto, highly sought-after counter-terrorism expert Ken Pennington, and nationally recognized law enforcement social media strategists Captain Chris Hsiung and Social Media/PR Coordinator Katie Nelson.


As we open our doors to the community, we hope you’ll join us for thought-provoking research, discussions and life-changing case studies you won’t find anywhere else.

Interviews With Evil

Presented by Dr. Tony Pinizzotto


A Rare Exploration of the Minds & Motives of Cop Killers


Who kills cops? Why do they do it? Are you among those officers most vulnerable to attack?


Get candid answers directly from the criminals in chilling new interviews with cop killers.

Retired FBI Behavioral Scientist & Researcher, Dr. Tony Pinizzotto, co-author of the groundbreaking “Killed in the Line of Duty,” “In the Line of Fire,” and “Violent Encounters” trilogy, will reveal—for the first time—the results of chilling new research into the minds and methods of predators who assault officers. In addition to exploring original research he conducted while at the FBI Behavioral Science Unit—the results of which sent shudders through the law enforcement community and revolutionized officer survival training—Tony will now share:


  • Gripping new behind-bars interviews with cop killers who candidly share sometimes-surprising motivations for assaults, perceived officer vulnerabilities that predatorial personalities evaluate when deciding whether to attack and the emotions, or lack thereof, associated with their brutality.


  • First-hand accounts from victimized officers who courageously share details of their assaults and the potentially life-saving lessons you can learn from them.


  • Critical characteristics officers can project that let potential assailants know they’re not to be messed with without compromising the ability to reflect an image of professionalism to the general public.


  • Tips for navigating the complex realm of post-trauma recovery and expert advice on helping fellow officers – or yourself – successfully recover from a traumatic event.


  • Self-evaluative steps for determining your degree of assault risk during your field contacts.



Battle-Tested Strategies for Dealing with Terrorists, Protesters & Other Adversarial Groups

Presented by Ken Pennington


Force Science is honored to welcome highly sought-after counter terrorism expert Ken Pennington to the FS Training Center to share his hard-earned knowledge about mass security tactics and fringe group control strategies gained while dealing with some of the most violent insurgent organizations in the world.

Listed among Ken’s stellar achievements is his amazingly successful coordination of security efforts that resulted in the most peaceful G8 Summit ever, tallying a mere two arrests; a monumental achievement given an event historically plagued by violence, protests and scores of arrests. Additionally, after the 2014 kidnapping of hundreds of school children by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria – a terrifying event that seized global headlines for years – Ken spearheaded a revolutionary law enforcement/military/intelligence response plan that played a critical role in negotiating their release and helped debilitate the group’s operational effectiveness.


Ken, a former Superintendent with the Police Service of Northern Ireland and current security advisor for major global organizations including the United Nations and The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe—the world’s largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization—will teach you how to:


  • Apply the lifesaving security lessons he learned first-hand while dealing with no-holds-barred terrorists on the front lines of some of the most violent hotspots in the world.


  • Collect & leverage priceless intelligence on incendiary groups and effectively predict and prevent attacks, diminish–if not eradicate–violent clashes and preemptively counteract potential mass chaos.


  • Identify vulnerable targets and potential epicenters of violence prior to pressurized events and implement tactical plans to protect them.


  • Creatively divide & control hordes of agitators without igniting combative resistance and revolt.


  • Use surprisingly effective “tactical psychology” techniques to enlist the cooperation of radical individuals and groups who would typically rather go to war with security forces than collaborate with them.


  • Prepare for, prevent and respond to “momentum weapon” attacks – everything from pickups and semi-trailers to cargo trucks and passenger cars…. basically, anything on wheels that can cause mass destruction.


  • Integrate highly refined, battle-tested global terrorist control strategies into your own street-level policing efforts to deal with street gangs, radical groups and protesters.


Surviving Law Enforcement’s Journey into the Online Abyss

Presented by Captain Chris Hsiung and Katie Nelson


Social media can be annoying if not downright scary, but radio silence online can be literally devastating! If your agency isn’t socially networking with your community, you’re missing priceless positive-impact opportunities and opening yourself to a potential wave of hard-to-control image problems. Force Science proudly welcomes nationally recognized law enforcement social media strategists Capt. Chris Hsiung and Social Media/PR Coordinator Katie Nelson from Mountain View (CA) PD – an agency well known for its revolutionary social media efforts – who will share expert advice on leveraging social media platforms to the benefit of your agency, your officers and your community. It’s easier than you think and more valuable than you could have imagined! Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • Step-by-step strategies for launching, enhancing and maintaining your department’s online presence.


  • Details of social media success stories & how you can benefit from other agencies’ online accomplishments.


  • Tips on posting: What to share, what not to share and why.


  • A unique look at media and civilian perceptions of departmental “personalities” online and tips for ensuring that yours is positive, productive and persuasive.


  • A practical analysis of current social media platforms and advice on which make sense for law enforcement.


  • Effective defense strategies for swiftly dealing with negative online attacks.


  • Critical advice on timing the release of information and commentary on social media after high-impact events.


  • Advice on creating and maintaining a consistent “agency voice” online and why that’s critically important.


Come learn from expert-level, police-specific social media pros who will show you how a strategic online presence can bolster a positive image for your agency, preempt negative knee-jerk responses to force events and protect officers & the department from online – and even on-the-street – attacks.


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