As with all Force Science Certification courses, the program will be conducted by the impressive team of renowned experts who make up the elite Force Science Institute instructional team. These groundbreaking professionals, whose personal work directly impacts our understanding of the complex areas we explore in the course, will instruct on a wide variety of crucial dynamics that impact the analysis and investigation of force encounters and will lead to a new certification for investigators of force-related incidents.


Through the groundbreaking work of Dr. Bill Lewinski, who personally serves as the lead instructor throughout the week, and the Force Science Cert Course team, you’ll learn:


• How to practically apply the training you receive--directly from the Force Science Institute--to your investigations and force evaluations to ensure that vital elements of controversial uses of force are not overlooked.


• Skills to help determine whether an officer is being honest when he swears his recollection of an incident is true…even though his account directly conflicts with forensic evidence.


• Techniques for helping officers accurately & thoroughly recall details of  force encounters, shared directly from the developmental source.


• Why a site visit and/or video review may or may not be advisable before a statement.      


Realistic De-escalation

We’re moving this hot-button topic decisively beyond impractical academic theories spun from idealized situations. Instead, “Realistic De-escalation,” a fresh, new course offered exclusively by the Force Science® Institute, is anchored in thoroughly researched and tested principles of human performance in real-world encounters. Registrations are being taken now.


In this timely two-day program, you’ll learn what it really takes to accurately assess potentially violent confrontations and, when feasible, defuse them with easy-to-grasp, successfully applied tactics to avoid use-of-force crises.


This unique content is expertly designed under the direction of Dr. Bill Lewinski to be smoothly integrated into an agency’s training be actively engaged during tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving field encounters...and then to be brought to bear in critical investigations of both force and non-force events, as well as in media and citizen education.


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Presentations and Training

Members of the Force Science Institute are available to make presentations of varying lengths for conferences, meetings, and other events. For full details on pricing and scheduling, please email or call (312) 690-6213.


Training Classes

The Force Science Institute offers several options to agencies and organizations interested in purchasing training programs for their own personnel and those from surrounding areas. For full details on pricing and scheduling, please email or call (312) 690-6213.


These eye-opening programs are designed to clearly present, in a practical and understandable fashion, the results of the most cutting edge research into the dynamics of human behavior during life-threatening encounters. The class is relevant for a wide range of law enforcement professionals including, but not limited to, line officers, administrators, investigators, IA personnel, critical incident teams, police psychologists and administrators.


The class will explore Force Science, the application of unbiased scientific principles and processes designed to determine the true nature of suspect provocation and officer response (action-reaction dynamics). The goal of the program is to encourage law enforcement professionals to apply the important concepts revealed in this research when investigating, reconstructing, recalling or otherwise analyzing a use of force. The integration of this information has been proven to enhance the accuracy and thoroughness of decisions made relative to behavior and performance during the incident.


The Force Science Institute uses sophisticated time-and-motion measurements to document—for the first time—critical hidden truths about the physical and mental dynamics of life-threatening events, particularly officer-involved shootings. Its startling findings profoundly impact officer training and safety, and the public’s naive perceptions. In fact, the Institute’s findings have been directly credited with saving officer lives on the street and with preventing some officers from going to prison after being wrongly accused of criminally using deadly force.


Force Science researchers have destroyed myths and discovered cold facts about some of the most controversial force issues, including:


•  How threatening suspects end up shot in the back by well-trained officers making valid, lawful shooting decisions.


•  Why officers continue to fire “extra” rounds in high-adrenaline confrontations after the threat has ended.


•  What popular tactics used by some officers trying to reduce lag time actually put the officers at greater risk.


• How perceptual distortions and stress-induced memory gaps can impact an officer’s ability to accurately recall incident details.


• How quickly suspects can launch an attack and why officers and trainers must take Force Science speed studies into account when preparing for a confrontation.


•  What “ready” position is really best for reducing lag time in an armed encounter.


• Why unsnapping a holster in an attempt to decrease lag time may not be a sound tactical idea.


• How investigators can best “mine” officers’ memories and avoid interviewing mistakes that can put the officer, the investigator and the entire department in jeopardy.






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